22 March, 19:00 Kino Bize


Curated by Erik Martinson (film curator, CA/LV)

Within this programme are multivalent assertions of politics, identity, formal concerns, and visibility in the midst of forces that seek to render a flattened-order. These assertions are not reactionary. The act of existence, out of sync with a smothering force, is the action. It is, in fact, the creeping control that is reacting—like an immune system—protecting an imbalance of power. Act, infect, corrupt, and above all, exist despite it. Bleed out the edges, become un-contained.



23 March, 20:00 Kino Bize


Curated by Rouzbeh Rashidi and Maximilian Le Cain (Experimental Film Society, IE/IR)

Cinema is fundamentally linked to the ghostly and uncanny. In summoning up insubstantial images that replay moments already passed, it can be compared to séance activity. In showing us sights and sounds of people often long gone but animated by the illusion of movement, it answers to Jean Cocteau’s description of it as ‘death at work’. Experimental film and horror cinema are therefore joined in being the two modes of cinematic practice that best explore the essence and deepest implications of what cinema is. At their most visionary, they overlap extensively. 


24 March, 16:00 Kino Bize


Curated by Lāsma Bērtule (Baltic Analog Lab, LV)

Here we have films like different shaped chisels carving out cracks in the visible surface. A passage opens to an unpredictable inside where language, minds, the physical bodies of creatures, things and films are not what they seem. They will guide us in a journey to fourteen cardinal directions, whilst whispering unrepeatable messages into our third ear about a world whose outside keeps multiplying. (All will end well.)


23 March, 18:00 Kino Bize

Baltic Experimental

Curated by Ieva Balode (Baltic Analog Lab, LV)

The programme consists of experimental films from Baltic region made by filmmakers who chose analog film as a material to explore the cinematic essence of artistic filmmaking. The aim of the progamme is not only to showcase the range of analog, experimental films made in the Baltics but also to try and define the particularities between the neighbouring countries.


24 March, 14:00 Kino Bize

Experimental Film Society

Curated by Rouzbeh Rashidi (EFS, IE/IR)

Experimental Film Society (EFS) is a group of filmmakers dedicated to the creation of uncompromisingly personal, formally challenging filmmaking. Based in Dublin, it has succeeded in forging a new and radically alternative Irish cinema. Its defiantly independent vision, both deeply informed by film history and utterly modern, has animated over five hundred shorts and features over its eighteen-year existence. Its films adopt an exploratory approach to filmmaking and foreground mood, atmosphere, visual rhythms, and the often-startling sensory interplay of sound and image. This programme highlights the various approaches EFS filmmakers have taken to celluloid, from a straightforward appreciation of 8mm textures to their more typical strategy of engineering sophisticated marriages between film and digital technology.  


22 March, 17:00 Kino Bize

Retrospection I

Curated by Dāvis Sīmanis (filmmaker and theorist, LV)

Lecture about the beginnings of avant-garde, film screening

The post-war situation of the 1920’s allowed for the emergence of various filmmaker groups who objected to the previous ways of film narration; instead they created films with no representative or reconstructive functions. These authors were determined to make films as an end, not a means. Their dream was to create a universal language that would overcome the borders of national languages and make cinema its own art-form. Looking back, one can see that the 1920’s - 1930’s experimental films were the first ones to set „cine‑thinking about cinema” as their principal task and, as a result, affect the future course of film.


25 March, 15:00 Kino Bize

Retrospection II

Curated by Jānis Putniņš (filmmaker and theorist, LV)

Lecture about the second half of the 20th Century avant-garde; film screening

A story about a personal, free, unpredictable and creative cinema that is still a source of inspiration for everyone who sees in film not passive entertainment, but a chance for an authentic experience and exploration of the limitless possibilities for diverse artistic expression. With three very different outstanding films that will be projected on 16mm. 


25 March, 20:00 Kino Bize

Muito Romântico

Film screening by Distruktur (BR/DE) '72min 

The adventure of Melissa and Gustavo starts aboard a red cargo ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean. It takes them to Berlin, a city of constant movement, where the old has to give space to the new. The couple finds a home and transforms it into the center of their own universe.

As time passes and seasons change, life and cinema become one and their room becomes an ever-changing stage, where friends are invited to play their own roles. In this state of transition Melissa and Gustavo lose sight of their path and their world starts to tremble.

Until one day a cosmic portal appears in their home opening connections between the past, the present and the future, confronting the two travelers with extraordinary discoveries. MUITO ROMÂNTICO is a stream that carries along hearts and minds. A playful rearrangement of experiences, memories and fantasies into a journey transcending space and time.


1. White Trash. Jeff Zorrilla and Ignacio Tamarit. 2017, AR, 2'35'', 16mm

2. Splintering. Luz Olivia. 2017, US, 6'49'', HD

3. A proposal to project, Viktoria Schmid, 2017, AT, 2', 16mm

4. Events In A Cloud Chamber. Ashim Ahluwalia and Akbar Padamsee, 2016, IN, 22', HD

5. I’ve been waiting to smile for a long time. Christine Negus, 2017, CA, 4'27'', HD

6. _______, Karissa Hahn, 2016, US, 3', HD

7. Diana, Traci Hercher, 2018, US, 8', HD

8. Approach/Withdraw, Ker Wallwork and Juliet Jacques, 2016, UK, 9'50'', HD

9. Equivalence is one of the core concepts of translation, Asmaa Barakat, 2017, EG/NO, 2'40'', Super 8mm

10. Translation Sketch for Chapter 5: Risks of the Game, Padraig Robinson, 2015, 4'42'', HD

11. THE END A MEXICAN MOVIE, Annalisa D. Quagliata, 2016, MX, 2'33'', HD

12. Sangre seca / Dry Blood, Colectivo Los ingrávidos, 2017, MX, 9'17'', HD

13. In Still Time, Leslie Supnet, 2015, CA, 10'26'', HD


  1. Second Sun, Leslie Supnet, 2015, CA, 3', HD

  2. Untitled (found film), Roger Deutsch, 2018, HU, 1', HD

  3. Sans lune / Moonless, Sophie Watzlawick, 2017, CH/GER, 8', 16mm

  4. 38 River Road, Josh Weissbach, 2016, US/CH, 7'14'', 16mm

  5. Discharge Working II, Johnny Welch, 2018, GER, 4', 16mm

  6. Rites of Resistance, Miki Ambrózy, 2017, BE, 20', 16mm

  7. In Film / On Video, Ignacio Tamarit, 2018, AR, 3', 16mm

  8. Trailer #378, Tomasz Konart, 2017, PL/CA, 3', 16mm  

  9. Please step out of the frame. Karissa Hahn, 2018, US, 4', HD

  10. Gedenken / In Memory, Melina Pafundi & Katrin Eissing, 2018, GER, 9'40'', 16mm

  11. I Dream of Inadequacy, July Saragosa, 2018, GER, 2'07'', Super 8mm

  12. We All Live in the Blue Image Forever, James Edmonds, 2007-2018, GER, 6'30'', 2 x Super 8mm

  13. The Order of Revelation: 1-5, Anna Kipervaser, 2015, US, 14’, 16mm

  14. Zombie, Pt.1, Scott Fitzpatrick, 2017, CA, 3'45'', HD

  1. Quiet, Walnut. Juana Robles. 2018, CH, 8', HD

  2. What Is Beyond the Hellraiser? Vallée Guillaume. 2017, FR/CH, 2’38”, Super 8mm

  3. Fantom. Sabotanic Garden. 2017, FI/CZ , 21'43'', HD

  4. Great Dismal Swamp. Jason K Sudak. 2017, US, 12', HD

  5. Trigger Warning. Scott Fitzpatrick. 2017, CA, 5', HD

  6. Southern Cross. Jeff Zorrilla / Azucena Lozana. 2017, AR, 3'19'', Super 8mm

  7. Coyolxauhqui. Colectivo Los ingrávidos. 2017, MX, 9'46'', HD

  8. The Garden of Delight. Michael Fleming. 2018, NL/US, 11'36'', HD

  9. Metal Laser City (A Cinepoem). Philipp Ramspeck. 2016, CH, 17', 16mm

1. Darkness. Inese Tīkmane, Laima Vainiņa. LV, 4’29. 2017, HD

2.  tā..atā. Elizabete Mežule-Gricmane. LV, 2017. 3' , super8

3.  Homo Ludens. Laima Vainiņa. LV, 2017. 3', HD

4.  Equal Tense. Ieva Balode. LV, 2018, 7',HD

5.  Conatus. Vytautas Juozenas.LT, 2015, 4', 16mm

6. Untitled. Eitvydas Doškus. LT, 2011, 3', 16mm

7.  Film About an Unknown Artist. Laura Garbštienė. LT, 2009, 11', 16mm

8.  Take as much as you can carry. Kipras Dubauskas.2016, LT, 7', 16mm

9.    Waves of Intuition. Ragne Mandri. 2017. EST, 3', super8

10. Red & Black. Janno Bergman. EST, 1999, 5',HD

11. Exposure. Paul Kuimet.EST, 2016, 7'56, 16mm

12. The End.Ülo Pikkov.EST, 2016, 5’34’, HD


Rhythmus 21 / Rhythm 21, Hans Richter, 1921- 1923, GER, 3’19”, 16mm

Vormittagspukk / Ghosts Before Breakfast, Hans Richter, 1928, GER, 7’, 16mm

München-Berlin Wanderung / Walking from Munich to Berlin, Oskar Fischinger, 1927, GER, 5’, 16mm

Symphonie Diagonale, Viking Eggeling, 1923-1924, GER, 6’40”, 16mm

Étude cinégraphique sur une arabesque / Arabesque, Germaine Dulac, 1929, FR, 7’, 16mm

Early Abstractions No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, Harry Smith, 1939-1956, US, 22’, 16mm

T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G, Paul Sharits, 1968, US, 12’, 16mm

Clepsydra,  Phil Solomon, 1992, US, 14’, 16mm


La Picota, Ana González, 2018, CO, 3’, HD

Contact, Vicky Langan & Maximilian Le Cain, IE, 3’, HD

Feed Me, Maximilian Le Cain, 2016, Ireland, 3’, HD

Universal Film, Jann Clavadetscher, 2018, IE, 3’, HD

Ice, Michael Higgins, 2018, IE, 5’, HD

Homo Sapiens Project (161-170), Rouzbeh Rashidi, 2013, Ireland, 8’, HD

Image Turned Down, Maximilian Le Cain, 2011-2014, IE/GR, 20’, Super 8mm


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