The closing event of “Process” will take place on the 25th March, at 7pm, in Ģertrūdes Street Theatre. Three live audiovisual performances will be presented in analog media by international and local artists.

20:00 New Museum of Mankind

OJOBOCA  (Anja Dornieden, Juan David González Monroy, DE)

A traumatoscopic presentation

16mm, 30 min, sound

In the museum a world of possibilities present themselves to the open and focused mind. An immense number of scenes can be created to appease even the wildest of imaginations.  With the help of the Traumatoscope the following test will guide you through the most common scenarios you will encounter and give you the tools you will need to persevere in your mission to create a new museum of mankind.

Anja Dornieden and Juan David González Monroy are filmmakers based in Berlin. Since 2010 they have been working together under the moniker OJOBOCA. Together, they practice Horrorism, a simulated method for inner and outer transformation. The duo make films, performances, installations and run analog cinema workshops. They have presented their work internationally in a wide variety of venues. They are currently members of the artist-run film lab LaborBerlin.

21:00  „The Invisible Octave”

Clausthome (LV) + Mārtiņš Ratniks (LV)

Audiovisual performance/association in the environment of VHS and analog synthesis.

The moth as a transcription of being, made in the eternal tone of gravitation and inaudible light.

Clausthome is a Latvian industrial and noise music band that has been active since the end of the 1990’s. Their main interests lie in the modification of radio and analog video/sound tools, technical and introvert imagination and a creative journey as a happening.

Mārtiņš Ratniks is currently one of the most visible Latvian artists in the field of new media. He is the co-founder of artists’ collective F5 and one of the first-wave VJ’s in Latvia. He works in the RIXC Center of New Media Culture and teaches media art in Latvian Art Academy. He has been collaborating with Clausthome since the end of the 1990’s and together they have performed in various festivals and venues in Latvia and Europe.

22:00 DJ Viestarts Gailītis


19:00 Scoreline

Greg Pope (UK/NO)

solo film - sound performance

16mm projector, black film, contact mics, guitar pick-ups, engraving tools,  hobby grinder, other tools and unspecified local materials.

The film projector works as an instrument for visual and sonic broadcasting, leading to the exploration of cinematic apparatus and ignoring traditional strategies to create a dynamic live event.

Greg Pope is an Oslo-based British filmmaker and performer. After dabbling in punk rock bands and absurdist performance, in the 1980’s Greg founded two film collectives: ‘Situation Cinema’ and ‘Loophole Cinema”. Working collaboratively and individually, Greg has made video installations, live art and single screen film works since 1996. He has performed in prestigious art institutions as well as international art and media biennales, and festivals such as Rotterdam International Film Festival;  L'Alternativa Festival, Barcelona;, London; Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento, Buenos Aires; Tate Britain; Cinematheque San Francisco.

On March 24, at 9pm, in RIXC Media Space, there will be two expanded cinema performances by Karel Doing and Xavier Quérel, as well as an analog 3D film screening by Bjorn Speidel.

21:00 „Twilight”

Björn Speidel (DE)

2 x 16mm anaglyph (stereoscopic cinema)

This film puts the double-visibility of stereoscopic devices to the test. By the double projection of two independent projectors the sync in time is impossible and the common 3D effect gets obsolete. With the offered experimental arrangement the own eyes could be observed at work.

Björn Speidel's experimental films explore the relationship between image and imaging surface dealing with questions about the off-screen and stereo3D. He programmed the Theme “The Third Image“ during the 61st International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, 2015 and further programs at international short film festivals. He currently works as an assistant profesor at the Filminstitut, UdK-Berlin and is a member of the film collective LaborBerlin. His films have been presented at international festivals such as EXiS Festival in Seoul, The Forum Expanded, Berlinale, The Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival.

21:10 „Pattern/Chaos”

Karel Doing (NL/UK)
16mm film, kinetic and optical objects, shadow-play

A negotiation between the unpredictability of organic processes and the regularity of frames, optics and motors. The work can be understood as an attempt to undermine the assumption that the natural world and the human world are opposites. The work is presented as a humble curation of organic readymades.

Karel Doing is an artist and filmmaker who works across analogue and digital formats, inquiring into the medium and its perception. His work includes experimental films, expanded cinema, installations and documentaries. He has screened widely in a variety of venues and festivals, such as Rotterdam International Film Festival; International Short Film Festival Oberhausen; Cinémathèque Française, Paris; Arsenal Kino, Berlin; Tate Gallery, London; Anthology Film Archives, New York; etc., and numerous DIY artist run spaces in Europe, Asia and America. He is currently living and working in London, finalizing his practice based research project and thesis 'Ambient Poetics and Critical Posthumanism in Expanded Cinema' at the London College of Communication, as well as running an artists’ film lab “Film in Process”.

21:40 “Quelques minutes de soleil après minuit”

 Xavier Quérel (FR)

cinema/sound/light performance (16mm film projector, light, sound)

 Set up at the front and facing the audience, the artist projects his films onto a small A4 format screen. There are moments when light manipulations are reflected in the whole room. Using various microphones to amplify or distort the sounds from the projector itself, the spectators are led into a strange and exciting landscape of light and sound.

Xavier Quérel is a filmmaker based in Grenoble, focusing on performance with light and film. Quérel considers the cinema projector as an instrument. Applying his experience in improvisation, he has developed idiosyncratic techniques and ingenious manipulations allowing him to play with the spontaneity of a musician. He co-founded "L'Atelier MTK", a collective ‘handcraft’ cinema laboratory for experimental cinema techniques. He has presented his works in various festivals, art institutions and venues all around the world, such as the Centre Pompidou, Paris; Rotterdam International Film Festival; Festival AAVE, Helsinki; Crossing the Line Festival, New York; Museum of Modern Art, Seoul; etc.

22:30 DJ set at „Aleponija”

On the 23rd March at 8pm in Kaņepes Kultūras Centre the programme “Process Expanded” of Experimental Film Festival “Process” will take place. This analog expanded cinema event will be purely dedicated to Baltic artists as part of the festival’s Baltic Day.


20:00 "Observer"
Justas Žekonis (16mm film projection), Vytautas Juozėnas (audio)

„Observer” is a film shot in the streets of block districts in Vilnius. It is made in „spy style” with the cameraman as an observer, looking with certain suspicion at the world’s occurences. Film will be accompanied by Vytautas’s live audio performance on selfmade modular synthesizer.

Justas Žekonis (LT) and Vytautas Juozėnas (LT) are Vilnius-based artists who have been deeply enganged in analog photography and cinema for several years now – both working with celluloid in the lab and running workshops on analog techniques. Their works have been shown in festivals and art exhibitions in Lithuania and elsewhere in Europe. Vytautas is also a member of former Lithuanian film collective „Tree Lab”.

20:40 "Victory Song"
Ieva Balode 
(16mm film, 35mm slide un overhead transparencies projection), Jeļena Glazova (audio, poetry)

There will be presented manipulations with an image by various analog projectors: a 16mm film composed of found wartime documentary „The Soviet Home Front Forges the Victory” and archive materials about the KGB victims in 1941. The audial part of the performance will be made by Jelena speaking her own Russian poetry which together with sound manipulations will create a sonic adventure in noise aesthetic.

Ieva Balode (LV) is an analog media artist working with film and photography. Ieva is a co-founder of „Baltic Analog Lab” and the director of Eksperimental film festival „Process”. She participates in exhibitions in Latvia and Europe since 2006.

Jeļena Glazova (LV) is a poet, multimedia artist who combines image, experimental sound, installation and poetic text n her work. She has released two poetry books and has made several solo exhibitions. Her works have been presented in the Baltics, Ukraine, UK, Russia, USA, South Korea and elsewhere.

21:30 "Cell Obelisks"
Signe Birkova (8mm film projection), VSKB (audio), Toms Treibergs (poetry)

 „Cell Obelisks” is an audiovisual performance where 8mm film projections cooperate with loops of poetry and cassette tape. Body cells are the depositories of hidden memories. In their invisible reservoirs memory images are preserved: the cell obelisks. They are invisible yet they travel along everywhere where the body goes.The monuments of past memories are sleeping like museum exhibits in the dark. The knocks of presence sometimes create cell memory flashes. Cell obelisks then become tangible as part of the present.

Signe Birkova (LV) is one of the most exciting experimental filmmakers in Latvia. Her film „I Shall Return as a Flaming Rose” was awarded FIPRESCI Special Award in the 2014 National film festival „Lielais Kristaps”. Last year her newest experimental film „Take-off” was released, combining 16mm stop-motion animation and other techniques.

Toms Treibergs (LV) is a poet, writer, actor and director in sketch theatre „Nerten”. Toms has released two poetry books.

VSKB (LV) is a collaborative project between few Latvian underground post-industrial artists, which has formed in 2008 in Pārdaugava. Inspired by 80s underground new wave, analog syhtn and NSRD performances, band's music varies between minimal syth to dark wave

22:30 DJ set- Intervilnis


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